How to Set Memory Limit for WordPress Website

December 9, 2018 796 views
CMS Ubuntu

Droplet Config : 4GB RAM
Managed by Serverpilot

Current Memory Limit : 128MB Memory, WP Limit 40MB
Max File Upload: 512MB

The Droplet hosts only one WordPress Website.

I want to set memory Limit as

define( 'WPMEMORYLIMIT', '1024M' );
define( 'WPMAXMEMORY_LIMIT', '2048M' );

Will there be any issue?

1 Answer

Hey friend,

I would go for smaller numbers. If you need a single PHP process to load that much memory, I propose that the effort is better spent optimizing the application to use less memory. That said, it never hurts to try anything and see what happens :)


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