how to set own desired root for droplet via api ?

August 16, 2013 3.6k views
i have searched http://api.digitalocean.com couldn't find it.
3 Answers
For the record... Sending a plain text password through email is just as insecure if not more insecure than sending a password to an API over SSL... Just saying.
how to set own desired root password for droplet via api ?
We do not support this as it is not secure. You should use SSH keys instead:



  • ...

  • ssh_key_ids Optional, Numeric CSV, comma separated list of ssh_key_ids that you would like to be added to the server

  • ...

by Etel Sverdlov
This guide is for Mac OS X and Linux users. Learn how to use SSH Keys with DigitalOcean Droplets.
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