How to set permission of all files in a bucket as public on every upload.

November 7, 2017 549 views
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I am accessing DigitalOcean Spaces with the help of AWS SDK. I am able to connect and upload file to the Spaces bucket. I'm uploading a directory with recursive directories and files using 'TransferManager.uploadDirectory()' method. Is there a way to set permission as public as a part of uploading instead of iterating and setting individual object permission in another API call.
But I want to set permission of all files which I'm uploading as 'public'. By default it is 'private'.

I tried using AWS bucket policy .. but it is not supporting in DO Spaces.
Also everytime I upload files to that particular bucket, I want all those files to be public.

Kindly help me with this. I'm searching for a generic solution. I'm not getting any way around.

3 Answers

I am with same problem here. anyone on dg could help on this?

Same problem here. Digital ocean any update about this?

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