How to set permission of all files in a bucket as public on every upload.

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I am accessing DigitalOcean Spaces with the help of AWS SDK. I am able to connect and upload file to the Spaces bucket. I'm uploading a directory with recursive directories and files using 'TransferManager.uploadDirectory()' method. Is there a way to set permission as public as a part of uploading instead of iterating and setting individual object permission in another API call.
But I want to set permission of all files which I'm uploading as 'public'. By default it is 'private'.

I tried using AWS bucket policy .. but it is not supporting in DO Spaces.
Also everytime I upload files to that particular bucket, I want all those files to be public.

Kindly help me with this. I'm searching for a generic solution. I'm not getting any way around.

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You have to specify ACL as public-read in the request headers:

'x-amz-acl': 'public-read'

I am with same problem here. anyone on dg could help on this?

Same problem here. Digital ocean any update about this?

Same problem here. Using golang with Minio, but cannot set to public-read for file uploaded.
Any update?

I have the same proplem, ,,,,,,
Did you know how to make all the bucket public

i'm using, here is what i did.

    endpoint := ""
    accessKeyID := "access-key"
    secretAccessKey := "secret-access-key"
    useSSL := true

    // Initialize minio client object.
    minioClient, err := minio.New(endpoint, accessKeyID, secretAccessKey, useSSL)
    if err != nil {

    // Upload the file
    bucketName := "indonesia"
    newImageName := uuid.NewV4()
    objectName := "indonesia.jpg"
        fileObject := bytes.NewReader(body)
    contentLength := r.ContentLength
    contentType := r.Header.Get("Content-type")
    cacheControl := "max-age=31536000"
       // make it public
    userMetaData := map[string]string{"x-amz-acl": "public-read"}

    n, err := minioClient.PutObject(bucketName, objectName, fileObject, contentLength, minio.PutObjectOptions{ContentType: contentType, CacheControl: cacheControl, UserMetadata: userMetaData})
    if err != nil {

You can take a look at my Github repo to get a easy solution:

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