How to set permissions on rsync via lsyncd

May 16, 2018 1.2k views
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I’m new to managing a server and am trying to use lsync to allow a user to SFTP files into a folder here:

That automatically syncs with a folder in my public web folder. I set up the user using the following:

This worked great, I then set up the lsync using:

This worked great for syncing, but I would like to automatically set all files and directories to chmod 755 when the get synced to the web folder. From the tutorial I believe it would be via rsyncOpts, however from other reading for versions of lsyncd 2.1 and above this is no longer supported (I am running 2.1.5) and should be via
rsync = {

From there I get lost, can anyone provide any support?

Thank you!

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