How to set ssl certificate on apache2, 1 droplet server running 2 wordpress websites?

September 11, 2016 1.2k views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

Server was single install wordpress. I have installed a second wordpress site on the same apache server.
I have purchased an ssl certificate from
I follow their instructions to the t along with the suggestions on the tutorials here on how to create your own certificate and configs etc... but it seems to crash apache and the namecheap website doesn't accept the ssl.

Is there a tutorial or advice that I can follow to solve this problem?


1 Answer

It's hard to say what's wrong without looking in to your server. May be you want to hire someone to enable SSL for you?

  • I have a guy that could have a look. However, I like to learn these things for myself.
    SSL is enabled for the server and keys are being generated - I do not understand however why they are not accepted by namecheap or that the configuration doesn't work.
    I am guessing I am being stupid here and there's an easy fix that I am just missing.

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