How to set up Email on DigitalOcean Droplet?

January 28, 2017 13.5k views
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I am using Namecheap domain, but my hosting is by Digital Ocean droplet
How do I set up an email of my domain? admin@domain.tld
Anyone can guide me on a step by step basis - that will be greatly appreciated! :D

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If you're using Ubuntu then DO has a great guide that can be found here on how to setup and configure an SMTP server using Mail in a Box.

When you get the server setup, you'll create an MX record at Namecheap that points to and have pointed to your Servers IP, and if you configured everything on the receiving server properly then you should be gucci.

Mail-in-a-Box is an open source software bundle that makes it easy to turn your Ubuntu server into a full-stack email solution for multiple domains.

i posted a guide on my blog a few days ago
Quick & Easy: Modoboa Self Hosted Email Server with Webmail

btw do check out defcore's answer

  • Hi. Thank you for your post. I tried to install over the link which you provided on your website. When I try to run "./" I got an error that dictionary can't concatenate to the dictionary. Could you please help to solve this issue. Thank you for reading

Thanks for both of your replies - will try both out

ANother question: When I try to log in my Console Access from DO dashboard, then the following error comes up and I can't log in

Server Disconnected (code 1006)

Hello, you could set with Mail-in-Box virtual hosts for sending and receiving emails.

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