How to set up email service with a third party provider?

November 19, 2014 4.5k views

I already have a paid email service with godaddy but when I moved my domain name dns to digital ocean the email addresses already set up with godaddy got deleted automatically. I need to know what is required of me to do from digital ocean's side of things to be able to, again, use godaddy's email service while keeping my website hosted with digital ocean. Much appreciated.

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  • I think you can use you MX records to point the emails to Godaddy and use their existing email which you were running..

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GoDaddy may require you to use their DNS in order to use their email. In this case you can change the domain back to use Godaddy's DNS, and then just point a top-level A-record at your droplet's IP

That should make your website go to DigitalOcean droplet, and your email to work with GoDaddy.

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