How to set wordpress login address properly?

December 31, 2014 2.4k views

I have installed wordpress on my vps ip,everytime when to login my wordpress, i have to input “vps ip/wp-admin/” in my browser ,how can i set it properly to input only “vps ip” in my browser when to login it?

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/wp-admin/ is where the login lives.

if you type just your IP address then it will take you to the wordpress homepage, Ie: your website that you are creating.

To then login and create pages etc, you visit IP/wp-admin/ or

  • Typically what you do is,
    install wordpress on your IP address.

    Buy a website domain name.

    Set the websites www and non www A records to your IP address

    Visit your website to view your website & visit to login and make changes.

I have done as what you say.
How can i

  1. make everyone to watch my post,everyone can login in without keyword 2.everyone (but me) can’t edit the post in my wordpress?
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