how to setting up cloud server for music streaming mobile App.

January 3, 2017 1.5k views
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I'm already created cent OS droplet. I would like to create back-end service and API. I would like to known how to make to improve performance for mobile app and API. Please give me advice when someone will known and experienced. Thanks.

3 Answers

There are a million ways to make a back end service and API, easiest way is to make it like a website with output being JSON, and allowing url data to be returned. Just make sure to have some kind of verification it's your app.

This is a really general question with parts that are a little above what one person can help with in a questions section. I would talk to a developer and explain what you are trying to build and what they think will be the best way to get started.

Music app developers prefer different technologies/utilities to implement their ideas. One of them - is Mopidy. It is an extensible server written in Python. It plays music from local disk, SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play Music, and more. Plus, it is easily installed on a Raspberry Pi. That's a top choice for a personal music server and it has a good documentation. So, if you need a server, I would choose this one.

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