How to setup a DNS without NS-records?

September 15, 2016 2.7k views

I'd like to set up a host name with my DigitalOcen droplet, so I tried to follow the How To Set Up a Host Name with DigitalOcean Guide. Unfortunately, my domain host has no support to setup the nameservers, the DigitalOcean requires. My main domain only supports the use of A- and AAAA-records (the setup of NS-records is only supported for the use of subdomains).

Is there a way to setup a DNS to my DigitalOcean droplet only with an A- or AAAA-record configuration?

(my knowledge about DNS configurations is rather limited..)


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ryanpq MOD September 15, 2016
Accepted Answer

You can create A records that simply point to your droplet's IP address. There is no requirement to use the DigitalOcean DNS services. In general to point a domain you plan to use for a website you would create the following two A records.

@   A  [droplet IP address]  

This record will point your domain when no subdomain is used (ie. In some systems you would leave the address field blank instead of using a @ symbol. If @ is not accepted try submitting it as blank or entering your whole domain with a trailing dot "." after it like this

Then create the following for the www subdomain so goes to your droplet as well.

www   A   [droplet IP address]
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