How to Setup a VPN using SSTP on CentOS 6?

Posted October 1, 2013 12.7k views
Can anyone please provide instructions for how to do this? Thanks!

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That's cute, but probably better reserved for cases when the google search results provide a clear answer to the question.

I have tried phrasing it in several different ways and not yet found any instructions for this.

Can anyone provide instructions or a tutorial for this?

"I have tried phrasing it in several different ways and not yet found any instructions for this."

Well, this would have been helpful to know; in that I can assure you that I'm not the only one that gets turned off by people that essentially take the lazy approach and hope that others will do their work for them. A cursory review of other threads will show that -- typically -- more details in the O.P. results not only in more helpful responses but it usually also attracts more people that are willing to chip-in. With that said...

Why not use OpenVPN? According to this article,
The reasons you probably haven't seen much open-source development on this are:

  • SSTP is a relatively new VPN protocol

  • SSTP is a Microsoft-pushed technology

  • OpenVPN already fulfills the particular needs for open-source solutions

If you want SSTP because firewalls already let through TCP port 443 traffic, OpenVPN already supports running a TCP-based server on any port, including 443. OpenVPN setups using TCP port 443 are quite common for this reason, although they're rightly not the recommended setup because running IP over TCP (especially TCP over TCP) generally gives poor performance.

You may also want to check out What's the advantage of OpenVPN over SSTP? | Server Fault.
Thanks for the reply. OpenVPN is good, however it is frequently blocked from my location, along with many other things. I would like to setup SSTP as another option for when OpenVPN does not work.

Thanks for posting the above info, I also found those in the google search results.

Still looking for a tutorial, would appreciate anyone's help since I am not always able to access everything in the search results.