How to setup email with domain name?

October 25, 2019 1.7k views
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Hello, I wanna set up my domain to forward mail to my Gmail account, If the user sends a mail to it should forward to,

There are lots of similar questions on the internet but the answers are outdated, I tried some of the solutions but don’t work for me.

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Hi! Email certainly is a challenge. My preferred method, especially in these simpler cases of forwarding all mail to another address, is to use somebody else’s service.

For example, some registrars will offer a free email forward for your domain - I would check there first. If your registrar doesn’t offer it, there are several competitively priced ones that do no doubt.

If you don’t want to search for a registrar, Google Domains does offer this feature for free and it should work well with your gmail address, too.

This would be the route I would recommend versus trying to run any type of mail service myself.

Hope this helps!

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