How to setup mail forwarding to multiple accounts?

February 17, 2015 8.4k views


I have Debian Wheezy 7.0, on my droplet and everything works fine as expected. Though, I'd like to know how to setup mail forwarding to multiple accounts. I do not want to keep any records on the server itself, instead just do forwarding. Would also like to setup SMTP login so that I can login on GMail and use its "send as" feature.


Any help? I have a very broken setup right now, setup using Postfix. Could anyone please help in setting it up? (An Idiot's guide would be perfect for me).

2 Answers

Hi! Take a look at this tutorial on setting up mail forwarding using Postfix: Getting started with Digital Ocean VPS: configuring DNS and Postfix for email forwarding | Andrea Grandi.

Can you describe your current Postfix setup and what exactly isn't working?

it occurs to me too. When having more than one domain name to forward, it does not work.

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