How to setup OpenVPN in Bridge mode (TAP not TUN)

August 12, 2017 3.2k views
Networking Ubuntu VPN Ubuntu 16.04

I have managed to setup a tun OpenVPN on DigitalOcean and it works perfectly fine, but some applications I have require direct access without having to go through several layers of NAT so I need to turn the OpenVPN server I have to Bridge mode.

I tried doing configuration manually according to guides on but as soon as I apply them the droplet crashes, SSH stops and I need to destroy (rebuild) the droplet.

I even tried installing the OpenVPN Access Server as it has a GUI and is easier to use. Once I changed the VPN mode from Layer 3 (NAT) to Layer 2 (Bridge) the droplet crashed and I had to rebuild it again.

I am really not sure what should be done and I am not able to find any guides online that matches DigitalOcean networking configuration.

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