How to setup SSL certificate via Cloudflare on DigitalOcean | Wordpress platform

November 21, 2016 163 views

Hello guys,

I would like to setup ssl certificate running through cloudflare on my digitialocean droplet.
I'm using it on my wordpress CMS.

Is there any step by step guide for this purpose?

Thank you

3 Answers

Once you set up your site with CloudFlare, it should have CloudFlare SSL Cert running.
You can learn more about how does CloudFlare One-Click SSL works at their site.

In case you want to use your own cert, that requires more work. For that, start with How do I add SSL to my site?.

tnx xMudrill, so I follow CloudFlare One-Click SSL and that should do the job - I don't need to additionally setup something on my droplet at digitalocean hosting?

  • That does depends on option you select. If you go with Flexible SSL on Cloud-Flare, you don't need to setup SSL on server.
    If you go with Full/Full Strict, you need to setup SSL on server.

OK, thank you xMudrll - I'll then just go with Flexible SSL on Cloud-Flare.

Thank's fo advices, and clearing up some doubts.


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