How to setup the mx record?

September 6, 2014 13.7k views

Hi! I bought an office365 mail account on godaddy but have a problem with mx.
GoDaddy gaves me 3 fields for mx record: host, priority and destination but on digitalocean i have only 2 fields: the hostname (@) and the priority (0).
When i try to verify if everything is ok, godaddy says that i have a problem with my mx record so i have to try again.
What i have to do? Is the destination field indispensable? Where i have to put it?

1 Answer

I think DO assumes @ as host. (@ = So you just need to enter your priority and destination.

  • Thank you very much for your answer. I don’t have the option “destination” in the mx record on DO but only “Hostname” and “Priority”. GoDaddy provides me also the destination field: “” but i don’t know where i have to enter it on DO records.
    Thanks for your patience but i am a new one on DO.

  • DO calls it the hostname. But it is the destination server

    So on DO your would have

    Hostname Priority 10

    It will show up in the zone file as

    MX 10

  • Now it works! Thanks a lot for your time!

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