How to solve MYSQL "Table doesn't exist" even it does exist.

April 4, 2019 394 views

After we reboot the server, we can’t access the mysql database and it’s table anymore. The error is “#1146 Table ‘Table_name’ doesn’t exist. It is still there but we can’t open,

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You could try a few things here:

  • First try to restart your MySQL server – If the error has happened due to improper server shut down or MySQL service related errors, we restart the service and check if it fixes the issue. If the service doesn’t start properly, we further investigate and fix the error.

  • Try to Repair the tables:

repair table Table_name;
  • Try restoring a backup of your database

If none of those helps, then you would need to look into copying your ibdata file from a backup or enabling InnoDB crash recovery. Though before starting with those make sure to have a good backup of all of your databases.

Hope that this helps!

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