How to stop show de default page Nginx?

April 22, 2016 3k views

I setup a nginx server, but when I stop or uninstall it, always keeps showing the home page default. Like being in cache. Even with the Droplet off, if you enter the ip browser opens the default page.

I would stop when the server does not show this page

  • Are you using eg. CloudFlare? CloudFlare offers caching which shows your site even when your server is offline or not reachable for some reasons. If not, it's probably your own cache. Have you tried to clear your cache?

    You could just remove or clear the content of the default index.html from your webroot. After that it should show you an empty page, a 403 or the directory listing. Depends on your configuration.

  • Thank you.

    I'm not using any cache.
    And already I wiped my browser's cache several times and still shows the ngnix page.

    I deleted the droplet and yet, when I type the IP, the same thing happens!

  • What happens when you visit the IP address from another browser, or from another computer?

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