How to stop vpn server to edit server configuration?

July 1, 2016 2.8k views
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Hi, I am totally new here. I installed a (softether) vpn server via on a DigitalOcean droplet and wonder how to edit the vpn server configuration.

In the configuration file that I accessed via SFTP, it says:

“In prior to edit this file manually by your text editor, shutdown the VPN Server / Client / Bridge background service. Otherwise, all changes will be lost.”

How do I shutdown the VPN server? I have searched the web and couldn’t find an answer.

I am a total newbee, fascinated by the possibilities of using a VPS and eager to learn more. Any help is therefore highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

1 Answer

If you run ps aux | less you should be able to see all running processes on your server, and identify the VPN service. Once you’ve done so, you should look in /etc/init.d/ for the service name as well.
Next, you would run /etc/init.d/yourvpnservicename stop which will stop your VPN service.

  • Thanks so much, it worked!

  • It stopped, but restarted immidiately, though. I had to be quick to save the edited file in this short moment before it restarted

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