How to successfully instal Big Blue Button's ruby gems ?!

Posted January 10, 2014 3.9k views
I tried to instal the open source web conference tool Big Blue Button in my droplet, upon Ubuntu 10.04. It is stated by their documentation that "If you are behind a HTTP Proxy, you will get an error from the package bbb-record-core.", and the solution for that would be to manual install the gems using the following script: #!/bin/bash export HTTP_PROXY="" gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY builder -v 2.1.2 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY diff-lcs -v 1.1.2 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY json -v 1.4.6 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY term-ansicolor -v 1.0.5 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY gherkin -v 2.2.9 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY cucumber -v 0.9.2 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY curb -v 0.7.15 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY mime-types -v 1.16 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY nokogiri -v 1.4.4 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY open4 -v 1.3 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY rack -v 1.2.2 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY redis -v 2.1.1 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY redis-namespace -v 0.10.0 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY tilt -v 1.2.2 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY sinatra -v 1.2.1 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY vegas -v 0.1.8 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY resque -v 1.15.0 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY rspec-core -v 2.0.0 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY rspec-expectations -v 2.0.0 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY rspec-mocks -v 2.0.0 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY rspec -v 2.0.0 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY rubyzip -v 0.9.4 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY streamio-ffmpeg -v 0.7.8 gem install --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY trollop -v 1.16.2 I`m not being able to successfully run this script because I don't know how to fill the "HTTP_PROXY" variable. What should I put where it says "" ? (I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge). Kind regards, Sávio Lucena

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2 answers
Try removing all instances of --http-proxy $HTTP_PROXY, e.g.:
gem install builder -v 2.1.2

Does that work?
BBB Works fine in digital ocean, but its key to closely follow the prerequisites, on the locales, and multiverse repositories before trying to install. Needs to be 10.04 LTS, 64bit and it wont work on the smaller droplets because the jvm cant run with insufficient ram.