How to "swap in" a new image for a droplet?

January 3, 2015 1.9k views

I’d like to rebuild my server (updated OS, reinstall everything, restore database, yada yada).

I don’t want to take the site offline, so I would prefer to create a new droplet, build it, test it etc… and then once it’s done, take the old one offline, reconfigure the new droplet to have the same IP address.

How do I do this?


2 Answers

One option would be setting up everything from scratch on the new droplet, taking a snapshot, and then rebuilding the old droplet from the new droplet’s snapshot.

You can’t have the same IP on two machines, obviously.

I would recommend you to create a new Droplet, set it up as you want and, when it’s ready, edit your domain name’s destination to your new IP.

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