How to sync Wordpress multisite on multiple servers?

February 1, 2014 5.4k views
So far we have a Varnish droplet to serve as a load balancer to 2 Nginx droplets. And, we use asw s3 to store all the uploaded media files. Varnish droplet direct all logged in users(wp-admin) to the first Nginx droplet (we call it master droplet). The problem now if we made change to master droplet(for example: code deployment, new sub site registration), it doesn't sync to the other Nignx droplet. What is the best way to keep those Nginx in sync?
2 Answers
@kamal - the answer you're linking to does not cover actual syncing of content between the servers. @tangrufus - I'd go with lsyncd (or even simpler, rsync on a cron schedule) Cheers, ~Dave
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