How to temporarily stop all DO services and stop paying?

June 3, 2019 176 views

How to temporarily stop all DO services and stop paying? and then when necessary renew at the same point?

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Unfortunately, the RAM, CPU, HDD and IP address continue to be reserved and DO incurs a cost for these.

If you want to save your droplet for later use just take a snapshot of it and then destroy it. When you are ready to use it again you can just create a droplet from that snapshot.

  • Thanks, two more things to clarify.

    1) about payments. if I destroy my droplets, will DO stop charging me for services? or I should cancle somewhere services? Sorry I didn't find I button "cancel services"

    2) will this snapshot live in my account, or should I somehow download it and store locally. if I lose it, it will a big problem.

      1. Once destroyed, you will no longer be charged for the Droplets.
      2. I believe that they live within the DO account, and I don't believe that they can be downloaded.

      You might want to give some thought to what type of environment you have, and what is most at risk of loss (data stored in DB's come to mind). Have a good read through the Documentation (link I provided earlier) and see if you risks are addressed specifically, and if not, maybe contact support and get some clarification from DO support directly.

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