How to trace the source IP behind a load balancer ?

Posted October 14, 2020 3.2k views
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I’ve set up a rabbitmq cluster in a k8s cluster, and published with a k8s service of type LoadBalancer. So the load balancer got created, and everything works.
All connections to the rabbitmq server come from the k8s node IP. How can I trace back to the real IP of the requests?


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You can determine the IP addresses associated with an internal load balancer or an internet-facing load balancer by resolving the DNS name of the load balancer. These are the IP addresses where the clients should send the requests that are destined for the load balancer. However, Classic Load Balancers and Application Load Balancers use the private IP addresses associated with their elastic network interfaces as the source IP address for requests forwarded to your web servers. For Network Load Balancers, the source IP address of these requests depends on the configuration of its target group.

  • Hi, probably my question was not clear. I wanted to know the original client IP address. I managed to obtain it enabling PROXY PROTOCOL on both DO Load Balancer and the rabbitmq server.
    Now client IPs are forwarded in clear to rabbitmq.
    Thanks anyway.

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