How To Unlock My Account Locked

February 12, 2016 3.4k views

I got a message from DigitalOcean Staff

We are sorry to inform you that your account has been locked by DigitalOcean Staff. None of your virtual servers have been destroyed.
We have opened a support ticket with you regarding the cause of this lock.
Please navigate to the Support Page to resolve the issue that has caused your account to be locked.

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear your account is locked and hope it has been resolved already! If it hasn't, please login at and check out the tickets in your account. They will describe what steps to take to continue from here.

DigitalOcean TechOps

  • have same problem. support don't response more 2 hours. I don't have any abuse ticket.

I have been experiencing that also, right now my account is locked due to abuse. I am even not creating droplet yet, how come suspected as abuser.
I have created ticket to support and 2 hours already no response.

This also happens with me. And Nobody reply me, what actual happens and my is also locked. please help me to unlock my account.

i have same problem here . i create suport ticket 3 day ago but no one respone me,

Same here 3 days and no response.
I am thinking about other solutions now

I've got the same issue(
Guys, did you get any response from DO staff?

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