How to unlocked droplet network access locked by Digital Ocean?

May 5, 2015 3k views
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Digital ocean support sent me a ticket saying that they have blocked network access to my droplet machine because it was generating too much traffic and blocking others. I have no idea how this has happened because none of the apps that I have installed will generate that much data. BTW, I have created a vpn server on that machine but I haven't given anyone access to that.
Now I am a beginner in this and I need to unlock this. How can I do that? and any idea why this happened?

6 Answers

You will need to follow up with our support team in your ticket. They can provide you access to your droplet via a recovery environment to investigate in order to resolve the issue if your droplet has been compromised or copy off needed files if it is necessary to start with a clean droplet.

They have provided console access to my droplet but I can't do anything using that.
How do I know whether it is recoverable or I have to do a new droplet.

Hello there,
Our server got like 3 hours offline, and no one answer our reply in ticket, is there other way to contact you guys ?

Thank you,

hi admin,

can you resolve my problem?
my droplet is locked now...


Please help me my account lock


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