How to upgrade Botpress one-click image and one click images in general

Posted March 17, 2021 456 views

Heya, I started using the Botpress image which is running a relatively old version now, 12.9.1. How do I update it? If I ssh in I’m finding it really hard to locate the Dockerfile or understand how the image was set up. A bit of documentation to do a manual upgrade would be great.

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Hello @kimadactyl

Looking at the official documentation the upgrade is basically migrating the data on a new install of the latest software.

You can check the process explained on the Botpress site here

Hope that this helps!

  • Heya thanks. Yeah I found this but it doesn’t really help because I can’t work out where the ./bp binary is to run this command due to the way the one-click installation is set up. It seems to be set up daemonized and it’s not clear how to stop it or restart.

    • Hello, @kimadactyl

      What you can do in this case is to download the latest version of Botpress on a new fresh droplet and set up the environment from scratch. Looking at the process it shouldn’t take a long time and everything looks relatively easy.


      • I appreciate the time looking into it but this is an incredibly unhelpful response to a question I didn’t ask. I didn’t ask for alternative suggestions, I asked how to upgrade DO one-click images with this one as an example.

        If it’s not possibly to do so then they are almost useless for production environments and should be labelled as such. It’s also kinda worrying that there’s no documentation for them.

        • Hello @kimadactyl

          Keep in mind that some of the apps available in the Marketplace are developed and supported by a third-parties and it’s up to them to update their image and have the one-click droplet deployed with the newer version and also update their documentation.

          If you wish I can try reaching out to Botpress and ask them for assistance with the update? I will be more than happy to do that and I also wanted to suggest an alternative in case it’s not a problem for you to spin a new droplet and manually update the version.

          Hope that this helps!