How to upload files to the particular domain

July 7, 2013 4.2k views
I have isntalled zpanel and it is working fine. I have added two domain & I have created ftp user with username and password ftupuser1 with permission to home directory of I have installed vsftpd and able to login (through file zilla) to the "/" directory where it shows "followinf directories"= >cgi-bin, error, html, icons, usage But my question is that 1) I am not able to create/upload any file or directory through filezilla and how to create/upload the same 2) how do I know that this directory is for Thanks for any help Amit
1 Answer
zPanel should tell you where it's going to store the website's contents when you create it, take a look at this youtube video:

Please let me know if that helps.
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