How to use github promo code (student developer pack)

January 27, 2015 29.2k views

Hi guys, I just received $100 from github student pack and now I am struggling to the Billing phase.. The credit card form requires to be filled and I am really confuse because I don't have any credit card and the $100 credit is noted in the promo code tab. So i just wonder if there's a button to use the promo code credit instead of filling out the Credit Card and pay. Thanks for the help and sorry for my grammar.

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  • I think it is no cinvenient and pretty unnecessar, after all when you get Github Student Pack your identity and condition as a student is checked and verified deeply. Otherwise, you wouldn't be approved for it. You should disable for it. Many people barely manage to study and have no credit card. Here in Peru, you would never get a credit card while you are a student, and can't add money to Paypal either without a credit card so now my $100 credit have no real purpose.
    Thanks Digital Ocean, you rock.

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In order to activate any new account you will need to set up a billing profile. This method of payment would not be used until your $100 credit is used up. You can set up your billing profile either by adding a credit card or by making an initial PayPal payment of at least $5.

paypal is really convenient ,it's a good choice if you don't have or don't want to add a credit card.

the sad thing is I don't even have a paypal.. and the initial payment is somewhat painful.

yes but it is a small price to pay to ensure your a real person with good intentions and not someone just trying to use a credit to spam people (has happened, does happen else where) its just a lil added validation that your a real person and you intend to keep things on the up and up and there is a validated link to who you are in case you don't. It is frustrating in some cases but worth it for everyone as a whole.

Students should be able to input the code without having to enter credit card info.

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