How to use Paypal balance on Digital Ocean?

January 17, 2018 3.3k views

How i can use my paypal balance to add credit to my Digital Ocean account?
I do not use Credit Card, but i have credit in my Paypal Account.

3 Answers

On the Billing page you can choose between a Credit Card and PayPal (you have two tabs under the Payment methods section).

Once you choose PayPal, you need to select how much you want to pay and then click on blue PayPal button. You'll be redirect to the PayPal Checkout page where you need to complete the transaction. After transaction is completed, it'll redirect you back to the Billing page and your balance will be updated.

Hello, ater click on blue PayPal button the only option on the screen is to pay with credit card

yes, 'how do we pay with balance?', this paypal option is baseless without it, it is going to take the money from my card anyway, why do you give such option then?

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