How to use Private Ip with Cpanel ? And use the IP without domain

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Hello Community, I was planing to use cpanel and make a website on the hosting IP it self without adding the user like ~ . like but am facing problems . when am assiging my account from cpanel to dedicated ip it’s not working. i can’t login to the cpanel or anything please help me. let me know how can i assign a dedicated IP and make a website on the ip itself , and without any ~ like

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Hello @Charly01,

Can you confirm if your goal here is to access the website in your web browser before updating the domain’s name servers? If so, you can edit the hosts file on individual workstations to point the domain to the cPanel & WHM server. Here’s an example entry you’d add to a workstation’s hosts file if the cPanel account’s assigned IP address is “”: domain.tld www.domain.tld

Replace “” with the IP address assigned to the cPanel account, and replace “domain.tld” with the domain name associated with the cPanel account. You can read more about this on the following cPanel & WHM document:

Once the new entry is added to your workstation’s hosts file, you can enter “domain.tld” in your web browser to access the website.

Let me know if this helps, or if the scope of your request extends beyond accessing the website from individual workstations.

Thank you.

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