How to use the PostgreSQL droplet with NodeJS?

June 9, 2019 242 views
Node.js PostgreSQL Databases CentOS

Hello dear DigitalOcean Community,

I want to use a database for my NginX + NodeJS project that I'm working on. I surely need a SQL and a NoSQL database for my project.

1. What's the difference between getting a ProstgreSQL droplet vs creating a droplet and installing PostgreSQL myself?
1.1 Is the PostgreSQL droplet faster compared to the "DIY PostgreSQL" droplet?

2. How do I use/connect to my PostgreSQL droplet database using NodeJS?
2.1 Which NodeJS package do I need to use for PostgreSQL?

3 Is it better to install a noSQL Database on the same droplet or on a separate one?
3.1 Will a separate droplet be faster compared to the same droplet? Much faster? One one side we have "CPU usage" and on the other side we have the delay between droplets.

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