How to use Windows web cosole

April 16, 2016 1.4k views
Linux Commands

OS: Windows 10
Objective: To setup Filezilla SFTP and Putty for the first time
Reference guide:

What I have accomplished: Generated public and private keys
Problems: I used windows web console and got stucked to tutorial step#3

Paste the SSH public key into your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file (see Installing and Using the Vim Text Editor on an Cloud Server):

Details: My console is showing VIM environment with black screen and ~ at the left side. I could not paste the public key. I could not key-in keyboard characters with SHIFT for example the colon character [ : ] or ~ ! @ # $ %

Help needed: How to quit the VIM and go back to default web console?
How to edit authorized_keys to add public key?

Thanks in advance for your help.

2 Answers

A lot of consoles you just right click the window it will paste it.

Try that :)

not this one.

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