How to verify my account if I don't have Github and Twitter account.

March 11, 2015 4.8k views

How to verify my account if I don't have Github and Twitter account ?

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How long does this take? Seems like bad business to put poorly defined roadblocks in the way of new users.

This is a poor business practice. I get very little time to work on side projects, and this delay means it may be a week before I can get things done.

When i click on the github thing it says the App will not just be able to read my github profile, but also be able to access what organizations and teams i am on, and then it has a subwindow saying the organization has settings allowing access to it's information.

That is beyond the needs of simple identity verification of me as an individual. I know its 'probably fine' but it does not feel right. Risking my own personal data is one thing but risking the data of organizations i belong to is another thing.

Mmkay, this is total crap. Just wasted $5 on credit because of required Twitter activation is AFTER the required billing details step. Screw this, going elsewhere ...

Just so inconvenient for a person who doesn't have a twitter or github account! Why not google plus or facebook account? Why github or twitter? Why not submit our ID, isn't giving our credit card info enough, even aws doesn't require this. Going somewhere else!

Just open a ticket with our support team from the control panel or by emailing support@ and they can provide additional verification options for you.

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