How to view droplet's memory usage

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I am quite surprised there is no graph for memory usage within graphs section. Do I need to enable it somewhere or is it only available for certain price plans?

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sudo apt-get install htop

This way you will notice what programs is using most RAM.

Hi all,
I had this same question. You can see how to enable more in-depth monitoring at the link below.

This includes memory statistics.

For such an important feature to not be included on the graphs page is very odd and inconvenient.

I asked them that too. They don’t provide a look inside the VPS. You have to run ‘free’ or 'top’ to get the free memory. I had my sysadmin set up 'sysstat’ and I can run 'sar -r’ to get a running history of memory usage. Sorry I don’t know how to set it up yet.

  • I use the PuTTy and command

    free -m

    Also, my control panel, which is zPanel, comes with a web based GUI system to check, that is phpSysInfo..

  • The problem with free -m is that it will only show me the current memory usage, I would much rather prefer to see usage’s history. I have one micro droplet with 512MB of memory, so it is quite crucial. I will have a look into systat, thanks.

  • @sklajn What tool did you use to monitor memory? Even I want to monitor my daily RAM usage and optimize my droplets. Though I use htop to figure memory out but I want to keep a history of memory being used every sec.

I also find the lack of a memory graph to be quite inconvenient.

To install sysstat on Ubuntu / Debian :::
apt install -y sysstat

Once complete - edit /etc/default/sysstat and set ENABLED=“true”
Also, in /etc/sysstat/sysstat change the SADC to “-S XALL” to collect all stats

Restart sysstat service

sysstat will now start collecting data

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