How to view my sql queries

May 13, 2016 1.8k views

I am using a CMS based in PHP Mysql, and i want to see how each SQL query is processed when an action is triggered.

For example, when i click "view all posts", then what exactly is the complete query that was implemented.

One option is to go through the entire, which is huge and complicated. I wonder if there is an easier way, or a program that can help me achieve it?

Many thanks!

2 Answers

run this in mysql


This will slow down the machine just so you know be prepared as you might see performance decrease.

  • Hello Francis,

    I'm afraid that's not what i'm looking for. I just ran SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST; on my mysql. It gives me the user, time, state, the command (which returns if it is a query/sleep).

    What i wanted to know was the actual query. Example, "select * from tablename;" ... whenever a query is run. I'm running a test server, so no worries about performance.

    Any more ideas?

PHP Debug Bar will display this information for you.

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