How to view node app on server...

April 4, 2015 1.4k views
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Hello, I am pretty new to this, I have a node.js droplet and I am trying to view my app as I would do in local development (i.e : node app.js). I tried to find info on how to do it but uncessfully.

I have my super admin user, I have the right permissions to my var/www folder… I cmd to the folder and try running the cmd : node app.js and then navigate to my registered domain and no results…

anyone has a clue for me I’m really confused.

1 Answer

Without more information about your app it’s hard to give a good answer this question. Most likely, your app is configured to run on a non-standard port by default. In that case, you need to visit:


Most node frameworks respect the PORT environmental variable. Running:

PORT=80 node app.js

should make it available directly at http://your.ip.address

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