.htaccess file has the wrong version

March 19, 2015 7.9k views
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I update owncloud to version 8.0.2 and now when i access owncloud from browser I get this:
.htaccess file has the wrong version. Please upload the correct version. Maybe you forgot to replace it after updating?

How can i correct it?

3 Answers

Do a clean fresh install of owncloud, you're probably using an older htaccess for an older version of owncloud.

I restore the system from a Snapshot, make the update and everything is working fine now. Don't now what happen.
Thanks for helping.

cd /var/www/owncloud
sudo cp .htaccess .htaccess.old
sudo nano .htaccess
First line is #8.0.0 - edit to #8.0.2
Ctrl-X, Yes to save
Attempt upgrade again

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