.htaccess Issues on Wordpress Droplet

November 12, 2014 2.2k views

I’m running a security plugin on my wordpress droplets and when it does an IP ban it throws an error (.htaccess: order not allowed here)

The .htaccess directive causing the problem looks like this

SetEnvIF REMOTE_ADDR "^192\.114\.71\.13$" DenyAccess
SetEnvIF X-FORWARDED-FOR "^192\.114\.71\.13$" DenyAccess
SetEnvIF X-CLUSTER-CLIENT-IP "^192\.114\.71\.13$" DenyAccess
order allow,deny
deny from env=DenyAccess
deny from
allow from all
1 Answer

Hey there,

In your Apache configuration you will want to set this site’s AllowOverride setting to AllowOverride All. After making the change to the configuration you will want to restart apache. CentOS: service httpd restart or Ubuntu: service apache2 restart

Happy coding,

Jon Schwenn
Platform Support Specialist

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