HTTP/2 on Debian 8(Apache 2.4.10)?

Posted June 30, 2017 8k views

The final stable Apache version supported on Debian is 2.4.10, whilst to configure HTTP2 requires a minimum Apache version to be 2.4.12.

There are workarounds available, which require test Debian releases to be installed and then enabling HTTP2, however I am not sure about installing a test release on a production web-server.

Surprisingly, in the last 2 days I have been looking, I have not been able to find another solution for enabling HTTP2 on Apache 2.4.10 on Debian. (Which necessarily means that running Apache on Debian is useless as far as HTTP2 is concerned?)

Any ideas?

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Hi @ag53955fa7df4ed12a609a617f

You have at least three possibilities; compile Apache from source yourself, install Apache from a repository or install Apache (stable) from Debian Testing.
So what you’re misunderstanding is that the last option actually doesn’t install a test release of Apache - it installs the latest stable release of Apache, which is found in the latest test release of Debian.

But if you want something more official, then no, you have to wait for a newer version of Apache to be included into the main Debian repositories (next release of Debian).

I’m guessing Apache is a requirement in your setup? Other bigger web servers in the Debian mainline repository supports http2 already.

  • Thanks for the reply,

    Apache is a requirement since it is a live production server on Debian 8 and Apache 2.4.10.

    Since it is a live server, I wanted to configure HTTP2 without as much interference or downtime. However, the only option seems right now is upgrade to Debian 9(which supports Apache 2.17+) but removes support for MySQL, which would require some downtime due to DB migration.