HTTP ERROR 500 on the site

November 18, 2016 2.5k views

Recently a month back I switched to Digital Ocean. It was working fine until I figured out that just yesterday the site is down giving the HTTP 500 Error. I checked the error log still the files are no changed. I even asked my team if anyone has made changes and compared to log in details log, no one made any changes to that. I checked for the Apache2 error log that time I discovered these errors I tried checking this php files with my existing backup and replaced them still the error log didn’t changed And site still shows HTTP 500 Error.

1 Answer

The error that Laravel shows, shows that the logfiles cannot be opened from Laravel itself, so most likely it also cannot write in there … so not really a wonder that the log files don’t change :)

  • Thanks for your replay I have already set permission to 777 for the larvel folder and sub-folders itself. Earlier on same droplet The output was shown but I don’t know what happend.

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