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May 23, 2017 2.2k views
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I have a problem:
When I surf my site through http everything is OK, but when I start using it through https, it throws and error: Failed to load resource: net::ERRCONNECTIONCLOSED. I need to transport some cookie files so it will work and I want to do it with https.
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Hi @FrzSeemsGood

You need a domain to activate https.

You can follow this tutorial (even though it's for Ubuntu) for setting up Nginx as a reverse proxy to Node.js:

And then follow this tutorial to setup Let's Encrypt to enable https in Nginx:

by Mitchell Anicas
In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Let's Encrypt to obtain a free SSL certificate and use it with Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04. We will also show you how to automatically renew your SSL certificate. If you're running a different web server, simply follow your web server's documentation to learn how to use the certificate with your setup.

I have a domain, dunno why its showing ip instead of my domain. Will give it a try, thx:)

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