hwclock, ureadahead, mountall - 255 error. Can't boot.

March 10, 2017 1.6k views
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TRying to boot , but getting this errors. TRied to restore from backup - same shit. Worked fine yesterday, but 6-day before backup not helps. Support answers r superslow, and its production... Can any1 help with that? Ubuntu 12...

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You have to wait for support, since they're the only ones that can put the server into recovery mode.
We can't help much, but you could try to create a new droplet from a backup.
It sounds like your Ubuntu has been corrupted at some point.

  • Thx for the reply. tried to create a new droplet from backup and from snapshot (30-days old) -same stuff. Waiting for hrs already)

  • @jtittle Do you know if there's a way to get into single-user without help from support?

    • @hansen

      You should be able to boot in to a recovery kernel from the CP, but that's the only option that's available when it comes to boot options. That's one kernel that should be available on any IIRC.

      • @roman26010106cc2539ded8078 Like @jtittle says, you should be able to go into the control panel and select a recovery kernel, which allows you to boot the server, but only viewable via the web console.
        This allows you to start doing recovery - unless you can find a simple way to fix the problem, then the best thing might be to setup a new server and migrate data.
        But if support is working on your server right now, it might mess things up.

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