I am feeling confused and want to withdraw my money

April 23, 2019 351 views
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I just created an account from an article on google thinking that they gave me $ 10 for the initial experience, but when I registered, I saw nothing. I paid and discovered my account, I found it to be too limited. Without many servers, I am not allowed to create servers higher than 2 core ????? They forced me to deposit more money. I paid $ 5 to experience it but now I want to pull it out. My account can not enter Promote code because the input box does not exist, so funny! Maybe I am unlucky or I will return to vultr.

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I’m sorry that this has been a confusing experience. We have some protections in place much like other providers, we want to get to know you a bit before we give you the keys to the kingdom. The promo code box may not be there because you already have a promotional credit ($100 for 60 days). We only allow one promotion per customer.

You can create larger droplets now.


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