I am getting an error when submitting an image from django admin. (OSError [Errno 13] Permission denied)

February 18, 2018 6.1k views
Django Deployment One-Click Install Apps Ubuntu 16.04

I am deploying my Django app for the first time ever and all I basically need is to be able to add images using Django admin and be able to serve them on the website. I am using the one-click Django install app with Django 1.11.10 and Python 2.7.12 running on Ubuntu 16.04.

Static files are working perfectly, but when I try to upload images from the Django admin, I get an error: OSError [Errno 13] Permission denied...

1 Answer

"Permission Denied" sounds like a case of incorrect File Permissions for the directory on your server where django is trying to save the file, see if the instructions in this post help you:


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