I am getting this error message - This site can’t be reached thewatchlyst.com took too long to respond. How to resolve?

November 5, 2016 2.4k views

Website name - https://thewatchlyst.com using Laravel PHP framework

3 Answers

are you sure? works for me here..


try opening in a different browser or clear your DNS & browser cache

Hi thanks for the reply.

Every customer can reach my website with no problems. But when i browse to the website with my mobile, my pc and laptops receive a ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT message for about 30sec when browsing to the same website. In the mean time other users can browse the site just fine.

This only happens when i browse with my mobile phone to the website on the same network as my pc and laptops. This also happens to other users on other networks. Since you did not have the problem using a TOR browser i tried the same thing and it works. When using TOR on my mobile i do not receive any errors on my desktop and laptops.

I also don’t see any logs in apache or other logs when the timeout occurs.

Did anyone solve this issue, I’m running into it right now.

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