I am having trouble pinging my D.O. server when I use the domain name. See details:

March 18, 2018 705 views
Apache DNS Ubuntu 16.04

From Local Client:
I can ping ipv4 of D.O. server.
I cannot ping ipv6 address (times out)
I cannot ping domain.com (times out)
I cannot ping www.domain.com (times out)

From D.O. Server
I can ping domain.com
I can ping www.domain.com

DNS propagation is 100% complete as verified on whatsmydns
I verified that the DN setting are correct
A record is correct
AAAA record is correct
CNAME record is correct

1 Answer

Since you’ve tagged this Apache, I’m assuming you have that installed on your Droplet. Can you access http://domain.com? Is it just ping that is not working? Do you have a firewall configured?

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