I am not able to connect my droplet IP using SFTP

August 28, 2019 204 views
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i can not connect my server.

SSH & FTP connection refused

When i check system log there is error message.

Failed to start OpenBSD Secure shell server

Is there anyone who can help?

4 Answers


Can you please let me know what is the output of the following command:

systemctl restart sshd

Looking forward to your reply.


Can you please run the following commands as it would appear that UFW is blocking the connections:

sudo ufw allow ssh
sudo ufw allow 22

If ssh is configured on port different from 22, please adjust he second command accordingly. Now try to ssh again and see if it’s working

If this is still not working you can temporary disable ufw and give it another try:

sudo ufw disable

Let me know how it goes.


Any idea what should i do now

Hello is there anyone who can help?

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