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HI DIGITAL OCEAN SUPPORT, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY AND IT TOOK FOREVER. I DO NOT OPERATE SCAM, FRAUD, HACKING ACTIVITY AND WHY ARE YOU LOCKING MY ACCOUNT AND NOT REPLYING MY TICKET? this is worst i have seen compared to linode... i am not a CRIMINAL nor i deserved this. If I am an system Integrator, I would have help my client to setup an account and prepared for his vm, then your HOSTILE and useless system will lock all my account and classified me as a CIRMINAL is it?

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The account is logged with the 1 IP address of my. also locked and not be answered on this issue.
Sorry you had to go through this. Please reply to the ticket with this information and we'll sort it out ASAP! :]

Unfortunately we deal with a lot of fraudulent account creation, as a direct result of this we've had to implement a lot of backend filtering to catch those accounts and prevent them from causing problems on the cloud.

As part of this we've been required to be a bit stricter with multiple account creation, not because we do not want legitimate users to have multiple accounts, but simply because one stolen credit card would then allow an abusive user to create 20 accounts.

So while we understand the frustration that this causes for legitimate customers please understand that it is not our intention at all to frustrate you but instead to curb abusive and fraudulent signups.

I have the same problem, my account is locking to now
- Yes I am using sock5 proxy to access the internet.
I choose to use PayPal, because then I did not need to input my personal information, which I do not want to.

But now I NEED TO, which I think is BS, I have been writing with support multiply times.
So they should know that I am not a scammer, just because I do not want to give me personal information.

Please fix your backend filters, I do understand the need of it, but I do not get the reason for needing personal information.
Hi Kamal and Moisey,

Thanks for your reply and clarification. I did replied your helpdesk thru ticket but they didn't respond to me, I tried to be 'nice' or 'friendly' way but there was no reply or no help at all or perhaps in a few hours later.

I felt "so embarrassed" which I believe I had done nothing wrong, account was lock, suspicious and support not replying me... so only the LOUD VOICE here, someone can see and respond to me.

I am an IT professional here, and I understand the problem you were having there; perhaps you need to redefine the handling of your security problem there or incident like me.

Money was paid and services need to be delivered. The way you lock my account meaning the services were partially delivered.

With the incident happen, I do not have the confident whether my client will came back to me one day and complaining the 'incompetence'

I can only say that I felt 'lost' and no one to reach for my issue. Hope you understand where I am coming from.
i have same problem , always i'm create the account , always lock lock lock , are you block Indonesian IP? :/

sorry before.
Please do not create multiple accounts as it is against our Terms of Service. Open up a support ticket.
I have had nothing but problems with you guys, honestly I'm getting irritated with the service. I host a blog, and my portfolio which has now been 'hacked' and been logged as an abusive account for reason I can't even explain. All I needed was a host and now I can't even get a reply or start a new ticket in your guys system. This is ridiculous and not fair to me as I am just another developer. Please fix my account, or close it, honestly don't even care at this point.
Hello, I had recently created another account because I use an account to work on my personal projects, and another to work within the startup that I have with other guys. I personally don't want to mix both stuff because financial things.

The main problem is that after creating my account I paid USD$5 via paypal to use the service, and the system let me make the transaction, but after paying my account was blocked, so I lost that money. Is there a way that you can allow that account to work, or return my money back?.

Thanks in advance.
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