I am trying to send SMS via e-Commerce application Opencart but SMSs are not getting delivered

March 15, 2018 761 views

I have installed Opencart e-Commerce application on DigitalOcean but the SMSs are not getting delivered. The same application is able to send SMS from another server bigrock. I checked the log of the service provider. The transaction from Digital Ocean hosted application was not listed. The SMS Service provider is Obligr

3 Answers

How does your app connect to Obligr? Is it possible that Obligr whitelists IP address that can connect to it?

you could write incorrect number

For searching correct are code you can use this service https://areaphonecodes.com/austria/
I always use it for searching or verifiing area codes when i need to call or send messages to different world countries to my friends and others.

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